UFOria Tv

Carl Collingwood and Donna Lafuque met in 1984 at

the Porter-Harriet Jr. College and Academy in

Putney-Hoop, Arizona.

Sharing a love for all things paranormal, Carl and Donna

created a concept for a paranormal television show, years

ahead of its time.

UFOria TV would be a smash hit, so they thought, due to

Donna’s relentless search for obscure stories and Carl’s

ability to cause alarming poltergeist assaults.

With no clear way to prove their concept other than a “real”

investigation, Donna wanted to load up the Ford conversion

van and head off to Washington state in search of Bigfoot.

Carl thought it was dangerous and wanted nothing to do with

it until Donna finally offered him sex.

If they were successful,   meaning a photo of a real Bigfoot,

then Donna would have sex with Carl for three minutes.


Regrettably, the investigation ended badly when a teen age

male Bigfoot hauled Donna off into the woods.

Carl waited for fifteen minutes and drove back to Putney.

With no money left and the van barely running, Carl called

his cousin, Rudy, who works for NASA in Florida.

Rudy offers to put Carl up for awhile on the agreement that

he will refrain from “ghost hunting” for at least a year.

Carl agrees and lets Rudy pay for a plane ticket.


Securing a job delivering sandwiches, Carl makes the mistake

of trying to deliver a sack of Roast Beef on rye to the

astronauts on the space shuttle.

Failing to disembark, Carl ends up stuck on the Space Station

for two years.


                              -FIVE YEARS LATER-

Back in Putney, Carl runs into Donna and they reunite to

try to resurrect UFOria TV.

By this time, the dysfunctional duo has created such havoc

in the paranormal plane, its time for retribution.

And werewolves are not known for diplomacy.